Multimillion dollar earner Todd Smith reveals his scores in the formula

by louabbott on February 18, 2010

Part IV: Network Marketing Effectiveness Formula

Interview with Todd Smith…

If you are seeking greater success, it’s so important to absorb the thinking of the people that have achieved it.  And Todd is the real deal. He’s made over $23 million dollars over the last 20 years in network marketing commissions!

So I am always interested in gaining insight from Todd.

Before we turned the recording on, Todd admitted something about the “Personal Credibility” factor in the Effectiveness Formula. He he had over the years, of course, given a lot of thought to that quality because it is to pivotal for a person’s early success.  Some people call up 10 people and 10 people join them in their business. Others call 10 and not one will even look at their business and they quit.

So in training, he admitted that he leaned toward not addressing that reality as it just seemed too negative and directed attention away from the things people really need to do to move their businesses forward.

As the “whole truth” guy, that then became exactly what I wanted to talk about.

Interestingly, as we talked about it in the interview, however, it became clear that he had known lots of top producers who started out with zero personal credibility scores.

He also revealed the key attitude and activity that turned that around for them.

If you missed it, Part I  of  the Network Marketing Success Formula Part I is here.

I will notify Network Marketing News, Tips and More Subscribers when the next part is finished!

Another million dollar+ earner per year, Todd Smith, scores himself …

The Network Marketing EffectivenessFormula

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Rex April 20, 2010 at 12:45 pm Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

Hey Todd,
Jundging by some of your materials you really know your stuff. I like it, in saying this, I know I am with the right (legitament) company & the right people, but after looking through Lou’s site I have a 1% doubt stiring within me, about what I have been taught, and for me that is enough to make me stop and investigate. I have been involved in MLM for nearly a year and have just recently joined a new company. What Im worried about is investing more money (already spent close to $3000 on development tools) into your product only to find out that im with the right people. Now before I do anything, I know that heavy hitters, know or know of heavy hitters. So I am going to name my training leaders and if you think I should still invest in this (MLM The Truth) to learn something new, I will, but if you know that these leaders are good and there systems work can you please tell me hounestly to keep going with what I am doing? There names are Brig Hart & Randy Shroeder, I am hoping you know something about them, good or bad, Thanks!

Kind Regards,



Todd Smith April 20, 2010 at 3:53 pm Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

Hi Rex- Brig and Randy are two of the best leaders in the industry!

Let me also say that you will have a 1% doubt stirring in you no matter what company you join. I have earned $23 million and I have always had some doubt. 1% is great!

I wish you the best!



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