Interview with Mark J – the Laziest Networker in the World(?)

by louabbott on February 9, 2013

The laziest network marketer?  I don’t think so.PlayVideoArrow
The wisest?  Maybe.

You could only call Mark J lazy if you think that the wisdom, “Slow down to go fast” is a lazy way to do things.

I started out with the idea that this would be a quick 10 minute video. I wanted him to dispel two common harmful and wrong beliefs about network marketing:

  1. Only if you get in early can you make it big
  2. You have to bring a team with you to make it big

Mark J free network marketing prospecting skills videosWell, he did that for sure.  His track record of multiple successes, and success with people he trained proves that.

But, even after I went back to try to edit it down, I could find any part I wanted you to miss!

So, may I suggest, start listening (at your earliest convenience – download to a portable device if you can and take it on your next drive – and if you don’t find it valuable to you, you can stop at any time.

But if you are at all like me…
You will begin to love how Mark J’s philosophy, how teaches network marketing, how he works with people, and how he truly helps them. 

Then you will want to share this video!

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