Zrii Unveils New Compensation Plan, Enhancements to IE and Media Sites

by louabbott on June 10, 2009

June 10, 2009

Zrii, LLC  announced significant financial enhancements to the company’s compensation plan at their annual convention last week, furthering Zrii’s mission of becoming a billion-dollar global brand. The company also displayed significant upgrades to their distributor back office software, ZriiOffice  to be launched July 1, and their new multimedia site known as Zrii Broadcast Network (ZBN).

The new compensation plan is called the Prosperity Plan; it focuses on team building and offers generous pools and bonuses. The Prosperity Plan is the only plan of its kind and contains strengths from a variety of industry plans. It offers the three best areas of the compensation plan: Immediate income, residual income, and lifestyle income. “We really want to promote teamwork, retention, and growth, and it’s sometimes hard to find a plan that does all three,” said Eric Reynolds, Zrii Compensation Systems Manager. “We think we have a perfect plan to be able to achieve that.”

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