Zeolite “inventor” sues Waiora, Dietsch and downliners

by louabbott on May 14, 2007

May 14, 2007

If anyone is still interested in the MLM zeolite scam perpetrated by Waiora and their volcanic wonder supplement scam called NCD, take note that Lifelink Pharmaceuticals Inc. who hold Dr Harvey Kauffman’s patent on the Zeolite product, is currently suing Waiora (and its phony scientist and chief plagiarist Dietsch) for patent infringement. The link to the case is here.

5/20/07 While I would generally never use an obviously opinionated blogger as a source, it is confirmed by a court docket filing and we heard from one distributor who was included in the suit.

From court documents filed thus far, it seems to be admitted that the patent licensing agreement that Lifelink had was with Rik Deitsch’s company, NDA Consulting, for sale of the “Product” in Germany.  There appears to be no agreement with Waiora in existence and the right to “sub-license” to Waiora by NDA is in dispute. Also admitted in the Deitsch answer was that Lifelink was paid over $200,000 in fees between 9/05 and 4/06 but that no fees have been paid since.  Interestingly, also admitted by Deitsch is a letter from his attorney stating “NDA’s Cellular Defense Product, being marketed by Waiora, does not utilize synthetic zeolite….” thus not subject to the patent.

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