Xango Patent Invalid in US. Patent Office Final Action

by louabbott on August 4, 2004

August 4, 2004

The US Patent Office issued its final written opinion rejecting all 81 claims in XanGo’s Patent No 6,730,333. This action was taken despite multiple meetings with XanGo’s in-house patent expert Steven Bean, its outside patent law firm and the review of over 30 pages of memoranda and supporting affidavits filed by XanGo™ LLC, a Lehi, Utah company. Specifically, a panel of three expert US Patent Officers, consisting of the primary examiner, a supervisor patent examiner and a special program examiner, found that every one of XanGo’s 81 claims were unpatentable. The Patent Office’s rationale was concise — basically that there is nothing novel or patentable in adding several fruit juices together. The Patent Office also rejected XanGo’s claim that they were the first to introduce mangosteen juice into the market, specifically concluding: “Thus, the rejection [of the entire patent] is proper. THIS ACTION IS FINAL.

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