XanGo LLC Prepares For Japan Market Grand Opening

by louabbott on January 9, 2006

January 9, 2006

Network marketing company XanGo LLC prepares its Grand Opening in March 2006, going against head-to-head direct sales heavyweights Amway, Nuskin and Herbalife.

Utah based XanGo LLC, the 5th largest network marketing company announced the Grand Opening of Japan market. Japan has become the world’s 2nd most competitive network marketing market and major network marketing companies see it as a milestone in their promotional campaigns.

“This is a significant milestone for XanGo — and for the whole network marketing industry — as the nation who is so dedicated to promoting health receives XanGo, raises the standard of network marketing,” said Takuya Hikichi, a XanGo distributor and a native of Japan.

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