XanGo cuts part of Lehi workforce

by louabbott on March 6, 2008

March 6, 2008

XanGo LLC, a Lehi direct seller of a mangosteen-based juice, on Thursday terminated several workers as part of what it called a “strategic reallocation process.”

A XanGo official declined to specify how many workers were terminated, why the cuts occurred and whether this was the first time the privately-held company has downsized its work force after five straight years of consistent growth.

Bob Freeze, vice president of public relations for XanGo, described the cuts as a “reallocation of resources, and not a lay-off.”

But one employee with XanGo disagreed with the characterization, saying he himself was laid off on Thursday morning and believes there were at least 35 others terminated that same day.

“This is very much a lay-off. I’d like to know where they’re reallocating me,” said the former employee who spoke to the Daily Herald on condition of anonymity. He said he was one of several workers escorted out of the XanGo corporate office in Lehi after a 15-minute meeting with senior management on Thursday morning.

“There were three people in my department who were laid off, and one of them had been there for three years,” he said. “According to the security guard who escorted us out, there were at least 35 people laid off.”

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