XanGo Advances Asian Market Presence With Japan Grand Opening Celebration

by louabbott on April 7, 2006

April 10, 2006

Advancing its presence in the Asian market, XanGo LLC, recognized creator of the mangosteen supplement category, held its Japan Grand Opening on March 31 in Yokohama with an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 2,000 independent Japanese distributors joining in the celebration.

“XanGo is setting its sights high in the land of the rising sun.  As a category creator, we are thrilled to advance the mangosteen and xanthone category in the Asian market.  XanGo is committed to building a productive dialogue with Japanese consumers about the power of the mangosteen and the science of xanthones.  And we are looking forward to helping many of our Japanese distributors realize life-long dreams,” said Gary Hollister, XanGo CEO.

XanGo Japan’s Grand Opening celebration included a reception with government officials, XanGo founding executives and top Asian market distributor leaders.  The general session was hosted by TV personality Thane Camus, and featured a magic show by international performer Rick Larsen.

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