We Promote Wellness, Not Alternative Medicine

by louabbott on June 2, 2007

Wall Street Journal – Published JUNE 2, 2007

Mannatech’s corporate ideals are grounded in our dedication to improve people’s lives through the scientific development of nutritional supplements, used as part of a complete wellness program (“Health Claims by Sales Force Boost Supplement Firm,” page one, May 11). We responsibly and actively develop and promote Mannatech products through the establishment of a high series of standards. Mannatech neither encourages nor endorses the notion that its products cure diseases or terminal illnesses nor are they to be used as an alternative treatment in place of conventional treatment methods.

Since our inception in 1993, Mannatech has been dedicated to utilizing its world-class research and development department to produce and distribute some of the highest quality supplemental wellness products on the market today. Our products are produced under strict Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure their safety and standardization.

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