VMDirect Announces Name Change to ComF5

by louabbott on February 20, 2010

VMDirect published this press release yesterday from their offices in Las Vegas Nevada:

VMdirect, LLC., a Nevada based digital communications firm, has changed their name to ComF5, LLC (branded as “comF5”).

The name change is the initial step in ComF5’s management’s decision to consolidate their former brands and corporate identities (DigitalFX, VMDirect LLC, and helloWorld) to a single brand: “comF5”.

Existing customers will continue to see the existing product brands until all the necessary legal items and new websites are complete. Once the transition ends, the DigitalFX, VMDirect, AttainResponse and helloWorld brands will be phased out.

“The comF5 name better describes our broad range of software services.  This change reflects our goal to simplify the Company’s brand into one consistent message. With the phrase “F5” being part of our suite of products based on the premise of the keystroke being a “refresh” button, it just makes sense to be part of our overall brand with comF5,” said Greg Ekborg, Director of Marketing of ComF5, LLC.

For more information on comF5’s re-branding efforts, the PR directs people to http://www.comF5.com.

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