Vitamark Crave Energy Drink Launch Australia: Compensation Plan Surprise

by louabbott on January 9, 2008


I am writing this email to everyone on my Vitamark Team, my previous business affiliates, all my fantastic subscribers, and my future team mates.

Its 8.53 pm on Sunday here in Canberra, which is a little past Midnight in the US. This is the time Vitamark sends out reports of your weekly cheque.

I just received my email notification for this week’s cheque.

What a PLEASANT surprise, the amount I receive was totally unexpected; it was 91.6% higher than what I have expected. And I have only just gotten started with Vitamark.

What this means is if my weekly cheque was $1000 it would have been $1916 instead. You do the math.

Now, in my opinion this is really exciting news, because I believe all my other Vitamark team members would be experiencing the same feelings as well.

Can you imagine this, imagine that you were expecting to make an additional $500 this week, but instead you received $958 instead. How would that make you feel?

Read the entire article at 24-7 Press Release

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