USANA Receives Certification Through NSF’s Certified for Sport Program

by louabbott on March 31, 2008

SALT LAKE CITY – Published March 31, 2008

USANA Health Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ: USNA) recently received certification of six of its products through NSF Internationals Certified for Sport program. NSFs independent certification helps athletes make educated decisions about the safety of the dietary supplements they choose to take.

USANAs Essentials (Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral), Proflavonal® 90, Procosa® II, Active Calcium and Body Rox supplements are now approved to carry NSFs trusted Certified for Sport mark. USANA also received Good Manufacturing Practices registration and dietary supplement certification in 2007 through NSF. These are just some of the third-party findings that help consumers and athletes know USANA products are Nutritionals You Can Trust.

The Certified for Sport program validates USANAs guarantee that our nutritional products are complete, balanced, safe and effective, said Dr. Tim Wood, USANA Executive Vice President of Research and Development. This latest certification, as with all of our third-party testing, is based on regular product formulasthe same products that USANA customers take every day. Receiving this certification is just another step toward fulfilling our goal of providing supplements that everyday consumers and world-class athletes can trust.

The NSF Certified for Sport program was developed to meet the growing demand of athletes, coaches and all others concerned about banned substances. The NSF Certified for Sport Mark helps consumers know that products have met NSFs stringent independent certification guidelines. Products are tested and facilities are inspected for a wide range of substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the NFL/NFLPA and MLB/MLBPA. The list includes stimulants, narcotics, steroids, diuretics, beta-2 agonists, beta blockers, masking agents and other banned substances.

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