United Kingdom taking Amway to court

by louabbott on November 9, 2007

Grand Rapids News – Published November 09, 2007

Amway Corp. is headed for a trial in the United Kingdom that, if it loses, could result in a death sentence for its multi-level sales business there.

United Kingdom regulators have told the company they will go to trial Nov. 26 in a case against Amway and a large group of its distributors over its business practices. The company expects the trial to last through December.

In a letter distributed to Amway leadership Friday, top Alticor executives Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel said self-imposed reform efforts weren’t enough to convince the government to back off attempts to kick the business out of the country.

“The (UK Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform) believes the best solution is to close us down in the UK,” according to the letter. “That is unwarranted and unnecessary, and we will fight it in court with all our energy.”

Government investigators reportedly found people misrepresenting the business, making false claims about how easy it is to make money, downplaying the Amway name when signing up new distributors and making it sound like they didn’t need to sell products to make money said Rob Zeiger, a spokesman for Amway.

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