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by louabbott on December 1, 2005

Smart Business Detroit – Published December 2005

Greg Provenzano’s first experience in Corporate America left him with a sour aftertaste. Fresh out of high school, he took a job at a snack food company in Detroit, where he diligently worked his way up to middle management.

Then he hit a ceiling.

It wasn’t long before Provenzano, now president and one of four founders of ACN Inc., learned that his ladder was too short to reach the executive deck.

“I realized there were only a select few who were making substantial income and living a decent life,” Provenzano says.

This first impression of corporate structure turned him off of pursuing a career in a top-down, pyramid-shaped business structure.

It also sparked the idea for ACN. Provenzano and fellow founders Robert Stevanovski, and Anthony Cupisz and Michael Cupisz opted for a business-unusual approach to selling services — a network model usually associated with catalog kitsch. Now, ACN Inc., based in Farmington, is the world’s largest direct-selling company. It achieved annual revenue in excess of $500 million by offering everyday services such as telecommunications, energy and Internet access.

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