Tale of the South Pacific

by louabbott on May 24, 2004

May 24, 2004

A multilevel marketer is pushing a Polynesian fruit drink that tastes like rotten cheese. You don’t mind because the stuff also cures every ailment known to man.

With the fake thatched hut, tribal dancers in grass skirts and 20-foot outrigger canoe onstage, you might think you were in the middle of homecoming at Honolulu High. But this is the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas–and serious business: the annual convention of Tahitian Noni International, a Provo, Utah maker of a Polynesian “health” drink. Its followers, at various times, have claimed the juice, derived from the noni fruit, can treat or cure cancer, hypertension, sinusitis, ulcers, depression, lupus, herpes, hepatitis and heart disease. “It addresses every ailment we know of,” says company cofounder John J. Wadsworth. TNI President Kelly P. Olsen steps onstage to pump up the troops. “We own the Tahitian story,” booms the 6-foot-6 Olsen to the filled ballroom. Jumping to their feet, 5,000 distributors cheer wildly.

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