Tahitian Noni lays off 130 workers

by louabbott on May 25, 2006

May 25, 2006

Tahitian Noni International laid off 130 employees in Provo and American Fork in a move to shift resources from its central Utah office to key regional offices and markets worldwide.

The layoffs, which represent nearly 8 percent of its global work force of 1,650, took effect Thursday and affected departments including training and support, call centers, marketing, and lower executive management in Provo and American Fork.

After the restructuring, the Provo-based dietary supplements maker’s offices in Utah, which traditionally provide support for the company’s global operations, will have 720 workers.

Its Provo headquarters and call center had 600 workers, while its American Fork research and development, manufacturing, and distribution plant had 250 workers.

The affected workers were given “very generous severance packages, outplacement support services, letters of recommendation and had their health insurance extended for two months,” said Shon Whitney, the company’s vice president of marketing communications.

The company last laid off 45 workers in 2002 in a cost-cutting move, he said.

“Thursday’s cut backs took place across all departments,” Whitney said. “Several managing directors and directors were also laid off.”

“As we grow globally, it’s hard to manufacture and provide international support from just one central location,” Whitney said. “We will continue to have more than 700 workers in Utah. But we won’t be as centralized as we used to be. We will continue to do R&D, product development manufacturing for North and South America from Utah.

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