Tahitian Noni International Pioneers the New Paradigm of Access Marketing

by louabbott on June 14, 2006

Atlanta GA – June 14, 2006

Tahitian Noni International announces how it will go full throttle into the future and introduces Access Marketing to the World.

One Decade ago Tahitian Noni International introduced the world to the Superfruit “Morinda-citrifolia” bka the Noni Fruit. The company grew at a rapid pace breaking multiple business records by marketing its product via network marketing.

As the company looks into the future it realized that network marketing, as successful as it is as a marketing engine, has it’s limitations. Only 13% of the population can enjoy the fruits or in this case the “super”fruits of the network marketing industry because these people are interested in business opportunity and entrepreneurial endeavors. What Tahitian Noni International plans to do is capture the Hearts of the other 87% of the populace by allowing them to enjoy the fruits…ehh… Super-fruits of joining a network of business owners, take advantage of the full discounts, but not be bothered with the pressures of owning a business. The 87% will also be able to enjoy not just a Tahitian Noni Product but will be able to take mini-mental vacations during a lunch at Tahitian Noni Cafe’s or even rent a movie produced by the Mega Billion Dollar Company. Access Marketing allows a place for everyone to add a piece of Tahiti to their lives.

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