Tahitian Noni International Announces New Executive Management Team

by louabbott on February 11, 2009

Marketwire – February 11, 2009

John Wadsworth, founder and president of Tahitian Noni International, today announced the formation of a new executive management team to lead TNI worldwide. The new management team is an integral part of Mr. Wadsworth’s new strategy of organizational realignment that includes a refocus of resources, time, and energy on the core strengths that made TAHITIAN NONI® Juice the number-one-selling nutritional supplement in the world and to achieve its next benchmark goal of $1.0 billion in annual sales.

Robert G. Johnson has been appointed as the new executive vice president. Mr. Johnson brings many years of executive management and leadership experience to the position, both in direct selling as a CEO for Young Living and the Chief Global/Marketing Officer at Unicity International, as well as other senior management positions. His career also includes broad international business, legal, and consulting experience, having lived and worked abroad extensively. Mr. Johnson holds both Juris Doctorate and Master of Science in Accounting degrees from Brigham Young University. All TNI vice presidents will now report to Mr. Johnson, who will also assume responsibility for the Japan and the greater China markets.

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