Sweet schemes: the great chocolate rip-off

by louabbott on August 2, 2008

August 2, 2008

THEIR company has reached through the internet into hundreds of Australian pockets with the promise of fortunes to be made from a “healthy chocolate”. This chocolate, they claim, helps weight loss, lifts people’s moods, lowers cholesterol, improves dental health and even makes insulin work better for diabetics.

But just three years ago, as they were launching their Xocai chocolate range through their network marketing company MXI Corp, Jeanette and Martin Brooks were facing more than $US36 million in claims from 25 individuals, companies and government agencies as part of bankruptcy proceedings in their home town of Reno.

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Jean Kelsey November 19, 2011 at 9:50 am Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

The great chocolate rip off? As compared to what?

I am a huge skeptic and a marketers nightmare and if I had come across an article like this before I tried the product I probably wouldn’t have tried it. Nonetheless, I did try it without promoting it because I was one of those who ‘had to see what it did for me.’ What happened to me and to my health after 9 months was nothing short of a miracle. My body healed completely and after living with chronic illness for 20+ years I have left my doctors stunned. So, because of what it did for me has empowered me with an obsession to help as many people as I can because it was my promise to God. I did so much praying that it is the way I can give back to Him. That now places me into the ‘promoting’ category but I don’t do it the way most people in this industry do it because I live in the customer shoes…I was one of them. I understand exactly how they feel.

So I ask again…the great chocolate rip off is compared to what? Now that body has healed and transitioned I am saving a ton of money and my health is worth it; besides its chocolate!


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