Stirling Products increases sales in Mongolia, readies for US-market launch

by louabbott on November 16, 2009

According to this news release, Stirling Products is still “looking forward to the launch of its sales operations in the US.”

Sydney-based healthcare company Stirling Products has reported increased sales of the company’s products in Mongolia, through its test marketing initiative …

Managing director Peter Boonen said Stirling is looking forward to the launch of its sales operations in the US, where the network marketing industry has total annual sales of over US$30 billion, in conditions that are far more receptive to new products as well as Network Marketing itself.

He said the company views its network marketing approach as offering the best possible leverage for its unique botanical products.

Network Marketing can provide the Company a rapidly expanding customer base built on referrals without the need to provide for a multi-million advertising budget that would otherwise be required for a North American product launch Peter Boonen said.

Full article here.

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