So long citrus – Noni’s Moving In

by louabbott on June 12, 2006

June 12, 2006

The humble orange, it seems, has been replaced by a fruit that resembles a bulbous, pockmarked grub with a cheesy smell.

But noni – pronounced noh-nee – is said to be one of the most nutritious fruits in the world, and it even comes with a controversial past.

Now, it’s become the centerpiece of a manufacturing operation that moved from Norco, Calif., to an east Pasco landmark that used to be home to a citrus packing plant.

“Our network is here,” said Scot Ballantyne, president of the South Pacific Trading Co. “Our business contacts are here. We get three times the space here for the same amount of money than in California.”

Based at the redeveloped Pasco Beverage plant on U.S. 301, South Pacific Trading Co. imports the fruit from Costa Rica. It pasteurizes, bottles and distributes pure noni juice to organic food giants such as Wild Oats Markets Inc. and United Natural Foods Inc., the country’s largest publicly listed organic foods wholesale distributor.

The company has a 17,000-square-foot plant in the business center. Half of the center’s available square footage has already been taken up, said Bryan Kamm, the project manager who helped Ballantyne set up there.

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