Royal Tongan Limu product destroyed

by louabbott on November 11, 2003

November 11, 2003

The FDA has announced that NBTY, Inc., of Bohemia, N.Y., has completed voluntary destruction of approximately 90,000 units (about $2.7 million retail) of Royal Tongan Limu, a dietary supplement promoted to treat various diseases like cancer, arthritis, and attention deficit disorder (ADD). The destruction, witnessed by FDA Chicago District personnel, occurred October 13-17 at a landfill in Illinois. The product was distributed by Dynamic Essentials, an NBTY subsidiary located in Lake Mary, Florida. Dynamic Essentials has ceased operation and no longer promotes or sells the products on its Web site. FDA determined the product was being promoted with unsubstantiated claims for treatment and mitigation of various diseases. The firm was initially warned with an FDA “cyber letter” in 2002 informing them that claims on their Web site caused their products to be in violation of the law. The claims included “Limu Moui may make cancer cells pop (self-destruct) and stop cell division” and “Limu Moui lubricates joints to make them more flexible and thereby eliminating pain of arthritis, etc.” After further investigation by the FDA, NBTY decided to voluntarily stop operating of Dynamic Essentials, Inc., and destroy the product. [Royal Tongan Limu dietary supplements promoted to treat various diseases destroyed. FDA news release, Nov 10, 2003]

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