Review: Zrii Juice and the Chopra Center – Does it Stand Up to the Hype?

by louabbott on April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008

With the launch of the Zrii juice product and its association with Deepak Chopra, many readers have been asking NaturalNews to offer our opinion on the product. Many people are excited about Zrii and the associated business opportunity, and the fact that it is endorsed by the Chopra Center lends it credibility in the natural health community. So to learn more about Zrii, I went to the website to find the nutrition facts on Zrii. That’s where this review ran into a significant stumbling block: Zrii doesn’t list its “nutrition facts” label on the website! (At least not that I could find as of this writing.)

I’m always suspicious of network marketing products that don’t openly advertise their ingredients. Sure, the Zrii website lists the “featured” ingredients — Amalaki, Ginger, Turmeric, Tulsi, Schizandra, Jujube and Haritaki — but it does not conspicuously tell you what else is in the juice, but if you dig around the site and read the fine print, you learn that the primary juices in the Zrii product are:

• Apple juice
• Pear juice
• Pomegranate juice

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