“Retire Quickly Corporation Forms a ‘More Than Holy’ Alliance…”

by louabbott on March 18, 2004

PRWeb – March 18, 2004

Retire Quickly Corporation forever changes the face of network marketing. New product endorsed by leading financial expert in case study. Millions of new alliances expected during 2004 and beyond.

Retire Quickly Corporation made significant changes to their network marketing program in February of 2004 and their new product has been fully endorsed by one of Americas most highly qualified and trusted Pensions Advisors.

Retire Quickly Corporation and it’s founder, Mr Kelly Reese ChFC, has always been held in high esteem by networking professionals. The introduction of their new revolutionary ‘Alliance Selling’ concept, is about to change the way that this traditional network marketing company does future business.

Since the mainstream introduction of their flagship product called the Financial Freedom Society in January of 2004, February brought an even greater surprise to their representatives. Alliance Selling was introduced and trademarked.

This is how Retire Quickly describe their new project:

Alliance Selling is the creation of an alliance between yourself and another individual or organization, where the other individual or organization has:

a). Sales ability and skills that you yourself may not have, and
b). A large natural market of prospects who need or want your service.

In short, You Create the Alliance….They Do the Selling!

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