Reco McDaniel Resigns from Lightyear Alliance

by louabbott on May 17, 2009

May 17, 2009 C.O.D.E.
R.E.D. Marketing Team site

[link no longer available]

It is now official – … has broken ties with Lightyear Wireless aka Lightyear Alliance. This information has
been posted so you will get the TRUE story here … The McDaniels and their attorneys began to research Lightyear’s business practices. After an investigation of Lightyear’s business practices, the firm informed
the McDaniels as to not only the tortious acts and the breaches in contract that are the basis of the legal claim against Lightyear, but also of the illegal nature of the business. To their detriment, and as a direct and proximate result of the intentional and egregious acts of Lightyear, the McDaniels have suffered substantial harm to their income and their reputations. As a result, the McDaniels have decided to litigate this matter. The Federal lawsuit against Lightyear can be viewed below.  [Moving to MonaVie but “not attempting to raid downlines”]

Also, read our company overview:  Lightyear Alliance Facts, News and Review

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