Reaction to Zrii Review: NaturalNews Readers Weigh In on Zrii Criticism

by louabbott on April 25, 2008

April 25, 2008

It’s sometimes difficult to predict just how NaturalNews readers will respond to a story. After publishing my critical review of Zrii juice yesterday, I was expecting to receive a lot of complaints from readers due to the fact that some were already signed up as Zrii distributors. But the opposite happened: I received more thanks on that review than for any other in recent memory. My e-mail inbox was full of positive comments from various authors, readers and industry leaders who said things like, “Thank you for stating the Emperor has no clothes!”

Most responses fell into two categories: The first was from people who felt the same way I did about Zrii, and they were glad to see someone standing up and telling the obvious truth when it seems like no large health news website had yet published a critical review of Zrii juice.

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