Pain At The Pump: The Little Green Pill

by louabbott on May 4, 2006

ORLANDO, FL – May 4, 2006

With the price of gas going sky high, a new product has hit the market. It’s called BioPerformance Fuel, but most people just called it “the little green pill.” It claims to save you big bucks on gas.

The gas pill almost seems to have a cult following, WESH 2 News reported. “Is this too good to be true? Are you running interference?” WESH 2 I-Team reporter Michelle Meredith asked the company’s president, as he brushed by her.

The pill inspires hundreds of wannabe millionaires to sing. “And I’m proud to be an American,” the group sang out. According to BioPerformance, the company that sells the little green pill, drivers can just throw a couple in their gas tank and they’ll see up to a 25 percent increase in their gas mileage.

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