Nu Skin: Earnings to Surpass Estimates, Shares Keep Soaring

by louabbott on October 24, 2009

Nu Skin, founded in 1984, is one of the most successful MLMs with over $1 Billion in annual sales. This news reflects continued/renewed growth:

Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. climbed more than 13 percent in early morning trading Tuesday after the company pre-announced quarterly earnings that broke previous records and surpassed analysts expectations, and raised guidance for full year earnings. Nu Skin, one of our favored “aging” demographic plays, has been on a tear for the past month, up about 28% since Oct. 1, and up almost 200% from its March 9 low of $8.04. In today’s action the stock hit a four-year high of $24.85 before fading to about $23 in mid-day trading.

The company reported that it expects revenues for the third quarter of $334.2 million, 8 percent higher than third quarter 2008, and that it expects earnings per share of between 39 to 40 cents compared to 26 cents in the prior-year quarter. Analysts on average had been expecting the company to earn 34 cents per share on revenues of $315.1 million.

NuSkin pre-released its earnings expectations in advance of its 25th Anniversary Global Convention Oct. 22-24, at which time the company plans to launch its new “ageLOC anti-aging skin-care product line, which the company believes will be its “most significant new product launch ever.” …

Whole story available here: Seeking Alpha

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