Neways Pleads Guilty to Illegal HGH Sales

by louabbott on October 31, 2003

October 2003

In October 2003, Neways International, of Springville, Utah, pleaded guilty to a felony count of illegally distributing a product containing human growth hormone. The product, called BioGevity, was was touted as having a rejuvenating effect, including having the ability to “lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides, increase IGF-1 levels [insulin-like growth factors], improve sexual frequency, decrease wrinkle appearance, [and] increase body fat loss.” Neways’ promotional material also claimed that its oral spray was the equivalent of injectable HGH. Neways sold about 100,000 bottles of BioGevity during the time it contained HGH in the product. HGH cannot be sold without a doctor’s prescription. As part of its guilty plea, the company officials have agreed to cooperate with an ongoing investigation being conducted by the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations [1]. In January 2004, as agreed in the plea bargain, Neways was ordered to pay a $500,000 criminal fine and to forfeit the $1.25 million profit it made on the sale of BioGevity from March 1999 until April 2000, when the hormone was removed from its formula. In addition, the company was placed on probation for three years and required to notify the Court of any claims of harm resulting from the use of BioGevity [2].

Neways is a multilevel company incorporated in 1992 that markets through a network of independent distributors. Its annual sales have been reported to exceed $400 million. The company’s Web site stated that BioGevity contained “lurong Extract with growth nutrients to support already healthy cells, and the uptake of amino acids” and “supports the body’s own natural production of growth nutrients” to “help you maintain youthful vitality.” Lurong extract is said to be derived from deer antler velvet. A BioGevity fact sheet dated July 2000 stated that it also contained bovine colostrum, ginkgo biloba, and vitamin C and that it “aids the body’s overall health,” “supports against the effects of aging,” provides growth nutrients to maintain cellular health,” “maintains cardiovascular function and already normal blood pressure,” and “assists the body’s natural immune function,” “enhances athletic performance,” supports reproductive function, “enhances mental acuity,” and “supports healthy weight management.” These claims have not been scientifically substantiated.

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