New Tests reveal 904 Percent More Lead in Herbalife, NuSkin Nutritional Shakes than Competitors, reports Fraud Discovery Institute

by louabbott on June 2, 2008


The Fraud Discovery Institute Inc. (FDI) challenged the statement made by Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) CEO Michael Johnson from a May 20, 2008, investors’ conference that all products have lead in them by testing the lead levels in four additional, comparable products to the Herbalife two top-selling nutritional shakes.

“The results even surprised us,” said Barry Minkow, FDI co-founder. “We were simply trying to establish a baseline – an average by which we could test and compare the Herbalife claim that our results of high lead levels in the nutritional shake products were aberrational and irrelevant because of the ‘everyone else has lead in their products’ defense.”

“We basically tested nutritional shakes from three popular, comparable products: Ensure, Slim Fast and Boost along with a fourth product, the nutritional shake of NuSkin (NYSE: NUS), a Salt Lake City, product-based, multi-level marketing company and producer of the Pharmanex ‘My Victory AC Shake.'”

“The tests were performed by an FDA registered, independent and international lab, and the nutritional shakes made by the two multi-level marketing companies, NuSkin and Herbalife contained 904 percent more lead than the three products not made by multi-level marketing companies. In fact, the average lead levels per serving for Ensure, Boost and Slim Fast were a slim 0.30 micrograms per serving – well under the California Proposition 65 maximum of 0.5 micrograms. In contrast, the two Herbalife Healthy Meal and Shapeworks nutritional shakes and NuSkins (NYSE:NUS) My Victory AC Shake combined for an average of 3.04 micrograms per serving or 904 percent more lead on average per serving and well over the amount allowed by law without a warning label.

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