New Staten Island health craze: Magic potion or get-rich-quick scheme?

by louabbott on January 4, 2009

Staten Island, NY   – Published January 04, 2009

Reporter endeavors to give a balanced outsiders viewpoint of MonaVie:

MonaVie is a $40 bottle of juice blended from 19 different fruits, including the Brazilian acai berry.

Drink just four ounces a day, and feel your energy level spike and your aches and pains fade, thanks to its powerful antioxidants, fans of the juice on Staten Island swear. Some even call it the “Viagra of the Amazon.”

Sell enough of it — and more importantly, get others to sell it — and you can also make lots of money.

“Once you drink MonaVie, there’s no way you’re not going to drink it again,” said Mario Ariemma, 52, who manages Ariemma’s Italian Deli in Dongan Hills. “It changes your life. I feel really great with it.”

Distributors make money by selling the product, but mostly by recruiting others to sell MonaVie.

Friends, relatives, business associates are all potential distributors. A kit to join costs $39, plus the cost of the merchandise. While individual bottles retail at close to $40, distributors can buy in bulk and purchase them for just over $20 a bottle.

The key is forming a sales tree.

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