New Rules: No More Claiming Mona Vie Cures Cancer

by louabbott on June 11, 2008

Huffington Post – June 11, 2008

Nor, for that matter, AIDS. Nor lupus, GERD, acne, age spots, arthritis, a balding scalp or sagging libido.

Nope. Sorry.

And lest you think I’m picking on poor MonaVie, the same is true of Xango, Mangosteen, Xocai, Tahitian Noni, and all the other ridiculously overpriced and oversold juices promoted by scientifically illiterate multi-level marketing “distributors” who repeat these claims with the sincerity and earnestness of a Kucinich volunteer.

Much of the hype about this stuff is based on mysterious numbers that are purported to represent the product’s ORAC value with the clear implication that the higher the ORAC value, the better the product (more on this in a moment). The argument between the various distributors about whose ORAC value is higher has more in common with a shouting match between slightly buzzed Lakers and Celtic fans than it does any real academic discussion. And of course, since no one participating in (or listening to) these silly arguments actually knows what they’re talking about, a little pseudo science goes a long way towards convincing gullible potential “distributors” to come aboard and make a fortune, and can even sound pretty impressive in a Professor Irwin Corey kind of way.

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