National Company Seeks Sales Reps, Network Marketing Reps, Independent Distributors and MLM Leaders to expand their Sales Force

by louabbott on December 11, 2004

December 11, 2004

Independent Natl Distributors of Netrix, Inc. dba Multiple Income Solutions (MIS) is seeking independent sales representatives that are willing to work from home (full or part-time). The company is also seeking those who wish to start their own business. The company will be launching infomercials nationally in the spring of 2005 and looking to expand their sales force to service the expected new 40 to 50,000 per month customer base. The infomercials will be based on the VivaCare, ToxicFree Anti-Aging Skin Care line.

Based on the Companys mission to establish one million ToxicFree households by year-end 2005 an extensive sales and marketing campaign has begun to recruit independent sales representatives to service the expected 40 to 50,000 new customers from the launch of their new infomercials in the spring of 2005. Over the next 30 to 60 days the company will be accepting registration requests for those interested in joining their Sales Force.

Current representatives say the three year-old company has really created an avenue for those truly looking for a Higher Quality of Life” to Succeed. They also state that this is a Ground Floor Opportunity and anyone who loves sales or has been apart of a networking company such as Amway, Herbal Life, Excel, Mary Kay, Avon, Tahitian Noni, Noni International, ACN and so many more should not miss out on this wonderful opportunity to truly generate a six-figure income.

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