MonaVie Files to Dismiss Quixtar Lawsuit

by louabbott on April 16, 2008

EON:Enhanced Online News – Published April 16, 2008

MonaVie LLC, creator of the leading nutritional acai blend beverage, yesterday filed to dismiss a lawsuit brought last month by Quixtar North America, a sister company to Amway Corporation. In the court filing, MonaVie claims that the Quixtar suit is without merit.

“Out of our commitment to protect the interests of MonaVie and independent distributors everywhere, we filed a complaint against Quixtar/Amway regarding their aggressive non-compete clauses,” said Dallin Larsen, MonaVie founder and president. The following day, Amway filed a complaint of its own against MonaVie.

MonaVie filed its lawsuit on March 17, 2008, asking the court to rule whether Quixtar/Amway has been over-reaching the boundaries of its non-compete agreements and address whether or not such agreements are enforceable for independent distributors. MonaVie believes that all direct selling companies should allow distributors to work for any company they choose.

Non-compete agreements are meant for corporate executives, not for independent distributors who pay their own expenses, taxes, and healthcare,” continued Mr. Larsen. We hope the court will dismiss Quixtar’s lawsuit and allow independent distributors to focus on making a living so they may support their families in these tough economic times.”

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