Melaleuca Wins Award for Environmental Excellence

by louabbott on December 31, 2003

When Melaleuca was founded, protecting the environment and bringing environmentally safe products into homes and into people’s lives was a major guiding principle. Melaleuca realized that this kind of commitment would take a great deal of time, effort and financial investment, nevertheless, the company has never wavered or strayed from the course it set 18 years ago. With that kind of dedication, it couldn’t be long before someone noticed.

Melaleuca recently edged out all of the other companies nominated for the 2003 Environmental Excellence Award given by the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry. Known as “IACI”, the organization is made up of nearly 300 member companies and is widely considered the most powerful lobbying organization in the state of Idaho. Melaleuca President and CEO Frank VanderSloot accepted the award at a banquet honoring the nominees.

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