Melaleuca promises job security, gives $1.7M to employees

by louabbott on November 12, 2008

November 12, 2008

Eastern Idaho’s largest private employer made a big announcement Wednesday concerning its employees and the nations tough economic conditions.

“We’re promising our employees no layoffs. Not today, not tomorrow, not next month, not ever,” said Melaleuca President and CEO Frank L. VanderSloot.

VanderSloot knows economic times are tough but his employees don’t need to worry about their jobs.

“Part of our business model is enhance the lives of those we touch by taking care of people and helping them reach their goals and it’s our employees that we owe our biggest responsibility too,” said VanderSloot.

Wednesday afternoon VanderSloot spoke to his 2500 Eastern Idaho workers about the company’s economic conditions and even though things are generally good, Melaleuca is feeling the pinch too.

“Our bottom line is being strained,” said VanderSloot. “Even though we’re growing on the top line, expenses are hitting us like they’ve never hit us before.”

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