Max International Announces Prime Time TV Show – MaxGXL TV

by louabbott on July 18, 2009

Press Release Video, Frisco TX – Published July 18, 2009

Steven K. Scott, co-founder of Max International, announced a new TV show, to be called MaxGXL TV, about the company and its breakthrough cellular health products. Airing on DirecTV weekly on Monday nights
starting September 28th, the show represents another first for the company and is part of the long term plan to implement an integrated internet, infomercial and multi-level marketing model that will transform the network marketing profession.

Talk about duplication! Imagine if you could have the founders of Max International in your home for a weekly business opportunity meeting. Imagine now if they were accompanied by the Max Executives, world class athletes taking MaxGXL, and doctors and medical researchers for MaxGXL. Well that is EXACTLY what is going to happen. A opportunity meeting with Max Co-founders, Executives, doctors, and top Associates – all in your own home, with new episodes each month.

Read the entire article at Max International’s Website

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