Max International Acquires CellGevity Technology and Assets

by louabbott on June 27, 2009

Press Release – June 27, 2009

Max International has acquired the technology and assets behind CellGevity, a company founded in part by Dr. Herbert Nagasawa after 40 years of scientific research on Glutathione and the benefits it provides the human body.  Max International has acquired all of the assets of CellGevity including:

  • Patents
  • Proprietary Research
  • Breakthrough Formulations
  • Executive Team
  • Research Scientists

Max International has long been the leader in glutathione research and this acquisition only further ensures that Max International will remain at the forefront as the undisputed leader in all aspects of the glutathione industry.  The science, formulations and patents associated with CellGevity in conjunction with Max International will provide the public with unprecedented glutathione research and products for years to come.

Read the full Press Release

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