Marketing network or scheme?

by louabbott on April 21, 2005 – Published April 21, 2005

A palm tree rises above a white sand beach. You can almost hear the waves, smell the saltwater and taste the pia coladas. But it’s just a computer image on Global Travel Trends’ Web site.

Perhaps it’s this image and the promise of discount travel and easy money that are bringing Amarilloans into this travel marketing plan.

Cindy Girty and her husband kept hearing about GT Trends, also called PRT Travel, but were hesitant, thinking it sounded too much like a pyramid scheme.

“But too many of his friends were in it and he kept seeing the checks,” she said.

And then they heard a money-back pitch from a friend already involved: “Sign up, and if you don’t make money, I’ll pay you back.”

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