Mannatech wins a broad permanent injunction in patent suit

by louabbott on December 19, 2009

Back on July 15 of this year, Mannatech filed a complaint for patent infringement…

… alleging that Green Life and Xiong Lo infringed Mannatech’s patents on dietary supplement Glyco 8.

This resolution of the lawsuit was announced by RTTNews yesterday:

Friday, health solutions provider Mannatech, Inc. announced that it has obtained a judgment finding Green Life, LLC and Xiong Lo guilty of infringing Mannatech patents on certain products.

The favorable judgment and ban on sale of certain products of Green Life and Xiong Lo, found guilty of patent infringement, boosted Mannatech’s share by about 4.93%.

Senior District Judge Joe Fish in the U.S. Northern District Court of Texas issued a final judgment that entered a broad permanent injunction against Green Life and Lo prohibiting them from “making, using, offering to sell, selling, distributing or importing defendant’s product – Glyco 8 and other products similar to Glyco 8 or infringing on patents.”

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