Mannatech sues over five patents

by louabbott on July 16, 2009

Dallas Business Journal – Published July 16, 2009

Mannatech Inc., a local maker of nutritional supplements, has sued two rivals for the alleged infringement of five of its patents.

The Coppell company brought the action in federal district court in Dallas against Fayetteville, Ark.-based Boston Mountain Laboratories Inc, which does business as Natural Health Warehouse, and Wausau, Wis.-based Green Life LLC. Also named as a defendant is a Wausau resident, Xiong Lo, also known as Andrew Lo.

Mannatech’s suit says Green Life is “a mere tool or business conduit” of Lo.

Officials of Mannatech and Boston Mountain Laboratories weren’t immediately available for comment Thursday afternoon. Lo and other Green Life officials couldn’t be reached for comment.

Broadly speaking, the patents in Mannatech’s suit are for the compositions of certain dietary supplements, court documents say. Those supplements contain “essential saccharides” — meaning organic compounds containing one or more sugars — and “glyconutrients,” which together “are believed to be important in maintaining good health,” court records say.

Mannatech’s issue, court records say, is with dietary supplements that Boston Mountain markets under the brand names Glycoessentials, Glyco-Essence, Glyconutrients, MG-3 and MG-3c. In addition, Mannatech’s suit says, Green Life sells products to unspecified third-party distributors that infringe on Mannatech’s products.

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