Lifevantage settles with Zrii for $400,000

by louabbott on December 19, 2009

You may recall that earlier this year, some top distributors and corporate employees “defected” from Zrii in mass and joined Lifevantage.

As an outsider to the events, it was a fascinating development to watch.

At any rate, this news from San Diego Source | The Daily Transcript seems to put an end to the lawsuits so all can get on with business:

Lifevantage Corporation said that the company reached a settlement agreement with, among other parties, health products company Zrii LLC.

Under the terms of this agreement, LifeVantage paid $400,000 to Zrii.
Zrii and its founder, William Farley, as well as the company and many individuals and entities associated with the company, agreed to mutual releases of claims.

The settlement agreement also includes the parties’ agreement to dismiss, with prejudice, litigation pending in California, Delaware and Utah that was instituted by Zrii early in 2009.

LifeVantage is a party only to the California litigation, which would be dismissed, with prejudice, no later than 30 days after Zrii’s receipt of the $400,000 payment …

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