LifeVantage Names Network Marketing Expert Randal Wojta as Master Distributor for the Company

by louabbott on January 22, 2009

San Diego – Published January 22, 2009

LifeVantage Corporation, the makers of Protandim®, the only product clinically proven to slow the progressive rate of aging, announced today that network marketing executive Randal Wojta has been named as the Master Distributor for LifeVantage’s launch into the network marketing arena.

David Brown, LifeVantage President and CEO said, “Mr. Wojta was selected as the Master Distributor for LifeVantage based on his exceptional qualifications, which include over 20 years of success in the network marketing industry. Randy has been a leader and top producer at some of the top network marketing organizations in the world, including NuSkin, consistently demonstrating outstanding leadership as a top recruiter, trainer and sales executive. Randy brings significant industry knowledge and expertise to the Company, and has already been effective in helping our company attract key new distributors.”

“It is an exciting opportunity to be named as the Master Distributor for LifeVantage,” said Mr. Wojta. “Billions of dollars are spent annually by consumers in the battle against aging, and in the United States alone, the network marketing industry accounts for approximately $7.9 billion in sales. The potential for Protandim sales is immense, as the product and its benefits are backed by clinical proof. The direct sales model allows distributors the opportunity to fully share the product’s numerous benefits and uses.”

Read the entire article at Yahoo Finance

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