Judge finds ITV Direct liable for claims

by louabbott on July 30, 2008

July 30, 2008

A dietary supplement company with headquarters in the Cherry Hill Industrial Park in Beverly is in hot water after a judge ruled two infomercials saying its dietary supplements could cure cancer were deceptive.

Barrett, a former Saugus High School quarterback who made millions in the fast-paced world of television infomercials, was among three individual defendants U.S. District Court Judge George O’Toole Jr. found liable for as much as $55 million in restitution as a result of the roles they played in the production and dissemination of infomercials advertising herbal dietary supplements.

The Federal Trade Commission alleged that Barrett and six other parties violated the FTC Act with deceptive claims made in two infomercials — one for a product marketed as Coral Calcium Daily and another for the supplement Supreme Greens with MSM.

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