Immunotec’s sales increase by 4.3% in 2008

by louabbott on February 17, 2009

Trading News – Published February 17, 2009

Immunotec is engaged primarily in the development, manufacturing and marketing of health and wellness products which are classified as dietary supplements or natural health products. These products are distributed and sold in Canada and the United States through a network marketing system and in other countries under exclusive distributorship agreements.

For the fourth quarter in 2008, net sales were $9,254,877 compared to $8,511,677 for the fourth quarter in 2007, an increase of $743,200 or 8.7%. Increases were $120,599, (2.7%) in Canada, $389,451 (11.3%) in the United States and $233,150 (36.2%) in other countries. In US dollars, network sales in the United States were $3,385,374 compared to $3,156,880, an increase of 7.2%.

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