I-Team Tests Product’s Fuel Claims

by louabbott on June 29, 2006

KETV – Published June 29, 2006

Ethos Doesn’t Perform Well In Test

With gas prices still near $3 per gallon, there are scores of products out there promising to help you get more for your money. But can you count on a certain mileage booster to extend your gasoline budget?

Ethos Fuel Reformulator is a product that looks like cooking oil, but the promise on the back of the bottle is that it “increases fuel economy.” Mike Skolkin, of Omaha, became a dealer of the product after he read about it on the Internet.

“I was hoping this is something that could make a difference,” Skolkin said. “Everyone talks about the cost of gas going up, but nobody’s ever done anything.”

Ethos is non-toxic, and the makers of the additive say it works by cleaning engine parts and fuel lines. Skolkin said that after adding Ethos to just three tanks of gas, he’s seen an 11 percent mileage improvement in his Chrysler Pacifica. One of his clients is getting 23 percent better gas mileage, he said.

KETV’s I-Team decided to put Ethos to the test with Skolkin’s blessing.

“I knew that you would give it a true blind test without any emotion involved, and I wanted to make sure this is a legitimate product. I’m not looking to hurt anyone out there. I don’t want them to spend money on a product that doesn’t work,” Skolkin said.

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