Humanity Unites Brilliance Leaves Its Heart In San Francisco

by louabbott on June 24, 2009

FreePressRelease – June 24, 2009

Jack Canfield, Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Barbara Marx Hubbard lead a star-studded inspirational weekend in downtown San Francisco.

Beginning last Thursday June 18th a group of Humanitarian Business people gathered at the historic Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco. Humanity Unites Brilliance has managed to attract the who’s who of the self-help industry right from its inception just over a year ago. It could be a case of like attracts like. Mark Victor Hansen who co-wrote the huge bestseller Chicken Soup for The Soul is on the Board and his co-author Jack Canfield is Chairman. Then you have Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, one of the key stars of The Secret and a favourite guest of Oprah, who heads up the faculty of HUB.

Both Canfield and Beckwith spent almost a day each on stage. Barbara Marx Hubbard, the legendary leader of the Human Consciousness Movement closed out the event with a fabulous and energetic speech befitting of someone much younger than her 80’s.

In between Humanity Unites Brilliance Founding Executives Charlie Gay, Brandon Barnum, Spryte Loriano and Paul Hoffman all took to the stage to inspire members who came from all over the world including Australia and Canada.

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