Henry Marsh: a success story

by louabbott on August 12, 2008

Deseret News SALT LAKE CITY – Published August 12, 2008

He’s a full-time businessman now, but the wall of Henry Marsh’s office offers the first hint of another life. There’s a large photo of a man leaping over a water barrier in a track and field meet in Berlin. It’s a younger, slimmer Marsh en route to setting an American record in the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 1983.

It’s been 20 years since he ran his last race, but with the arrival of another Olympics, Marsh, a four-time Olympic distance runner, muses on the connection of careers.

“Athletics prepared me for this,” he says in his office. “I haven’t encountered any situation in business that even comes close to the pressure and stress you experience at the Olympics. I’ve been through the refiner’s fire.”

Welcome to the second half of Marsh’s life. Now 54, Marsh is co-founder and executive vice president of MonaVie, a wildly successful multilevel marketing company that sells a health juice consisting largely of an exotic berry from South America.

Marsh, a 10-time U.S. champion, famously never captured the gold medal on the track in Olympic and world championship competition thanks to a luckless series of ill-timed boycotts, falls and viruses, but much of what he’s dabbled in since then has turned to gold.

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