Hearings to Begin on Makers Of a Popular Diet Product

by louabbott on July 22, 2003

New York Times – Published July 22, 2003

Last August, sales of Metabolife International’s ephedra weight-loss product plummeted after the company revealed to the Food and Drug Administration almost 15,000 ”adverse events” experienced by its ephedra users since May 1997.

In a memorandum, a company executive talked about how to head off any further decline in sales: by keeping the product on the shelves, even though Metabolife was preparing an ephedra-free version. There was no sense, the reasoning went, in creating the impression that Metabolife doubted its product by rushing out a replacement. Retailers might pull the item, called Metabolife 356, and the company — the country’s largest seller of ephedra products — might then collapse, an executive wrote.

That memorandum was released yesterday by a Congressional committee that will convene hearings on Wednesday on the ephedra industry. ”Publicly, Metabolife talks a lot about safety,” said Ken Johnson, spokesman for the committee. ”But privately, the operative word seems to be sales.”

Mr. Johnson said legislators were ”deeply concerned that consumers are not getting all of the facts they need to make informed decisions.”

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