Fantasy Sports go MLM

by louabbott on August 25, 2005

PRWeb – Published August 25, 2005

This exciting unique program converts Fantasy Sports into MLM business opportunities. You may refer your family, friends, colleagues or even strangers to join under you.

Well, this is fun because it is the combination of both Entertainment (Fantasy Sports) and Business (MLM). While enjoying manage your teams, not forgetting to make some residual income.

Currently, we are organizing Team Contests for Fantasy Football, Basketball and Baseball. Membership is FREE and you may purchase any Fantasy Team of your choice and each team costs $29.95.

Join free now. It is never too late with number of people playing Fantasy Sports is growing annually. Now, if you buy one Team, you will get another one for free. You don’t have to play all Fantasy Sports, you may give away and invite anyone else to play and to win cash prizes.

important note : The recent study shows :

“According to the University of Mississippi, 39.6 million adults in the U.S. participate in fantasy sports leagues, and 36.8 million playing fantasy football.”

Read the entire article at PRWeb

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